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russian_mafia_x in diygifts

Family Tree

My grandmother is turning 85 in a month, and I know she would love a family tree with pictures of everyone in her family as a present. She LOVES pictures and all the walls in her room are covered with them. The problem is, I'm not really sure how to execute this idea so it looks professional. I will have the whole thing framed and such, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for how to make the actual tree. Should I craft an actual tree and glue on pictures? Should I go for the geometric approach and just connect everyone with lines?

Please share any ideas you might have! Thanks!


I'd do a poster frame with a tree in the background and more-or-less accurately placed pics along the family 'branches'. I like the idea of real tree branches with ornament shaped pics going up each branch< but I don't like the dust-collecting factor.