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lovebri in diygifts

Book boxes

This community inspired me to do some craftsy projects over break, so I made several book boxes and really enjoyed it. It's a neat outcome too!

The best tutorial I found was at WikiHow: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Hollow-Book.

Some things I found useful:
Old Reader's Digests have pretty covers and occasional nice pictures inside.
A sponge works just as well as a brush.
Drilling holes at each "corner" makes that 90 degree turn much easier.
Clasps are really cute additions to make it more "box" like and I glued pictures on the bottom inlay of the box.
I found the bigger Exacto knives do the job quicker and with a decent amount of precision.

Some finished products:

Sorry if the pictures are too big. My LJ cut function disappeared...I will resize if necessary.


i LOVE these.
They are so much fun to make!!
Pretty, and such a fun idea!

As for the pictures - resizing doesn't help someone on a slow connection unless you resize the original picture you've uploaded. Even if you set smaller parameters in this entry, it'll take just as long to load the page because the image files are so big. I didn't have a problem with this myself, but I thought it'd be friendly to point it out!
Oh, that is good to know. Thank you!
this is so sweet! I have to make one someday ;)
*adding to memories*
I recommend springing for a craft glue like Mod Podge. I tried making a glue solution and didn't have good results. A water-based craft glue is only a couple of bucks and it lasts for awhile.