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Personalized Soap Bottles

I was browsing the internet and came upon this tutorial that looked super easy! I love anything that can be made into a unique, bulk gift (because let's get real, finding presents for EVERYONE at the office can be a little stressful) and I definitely wanted to share this with you guys!

You'll Need:
-soap bottles with clear soap (equate brand from Walmart works well, if you use another brand just make sure the label is on the outside of the bottle and it can be removed easily)
-transparencies (like the kind you use with an overhead projector)

1. Prepare the bottle:
The labels can be peeled off fairly easily by hand. Remove any sticky residue with a product like Goo Gone or Un-Du. Unscrew the lid and lay aside the pump stem.

2. Design the insert:
Use a photo editing program like PhotoShop to create a design. For the technologically handicap, using a program like MS Word, using a rubber stamp, or even just drawing a design by hand will work fine. You can print out your designs on a transparency yourself using a little math to determine how many to fit on a sheet, or take your design to a local copy center to have them print it on a transparency on you.

Note!: It is important to note that for this project, you must use either a copier-generated transparency or one made on a laser printer. INK JET TRANSPARENCIES WILL NOT WORK! The ink will not hold up in the soap.

3.Insert the transparency:
After you have cut apart the sheet of transparencies, it still may be necessary to trim them slightly to fit in the bottles. Simply hold the transparency up against the bottle to get an idea of how much you may need to trim off. Sometimes I find it helpful to round the top corners to mirror the rounded shape of the bottle.

Next, roll up the transparency with the printed lettering on the inside and stick it down into the neck of the bottle. (Note: some of the bottles have manufacturing lettering printed on the outside of the bottle, near the top edge. You might try to remove this with fingernail polish remover or just make sure that is the back side of your bottle.)

When the transparency gets down into the soap, it tends to unfurl by itself. If yours needs a little help, use a skewer or even the stem of the pump to gently unfold it and move it into place. Replace the pump, making sure the stem is BEHIND the transparency.

Finish up:
Tie a ribbon around the neck of the bottle and add a tag for the recipient!

Original tutorial can be located here!


That's a very cute idea!
Gosh, I’ve been looking about this specific topic for about an hour, glad i found it in your website!